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"When I moved to a new neighborhood, the first thing I did was look up who lives around me. I couldn't believe six registered sex offenders lived less than a half a mile from my new house!"

- Ashley T, SeekVerify User


A full SeekVerify report reveals:

  • All sex offenders in your area
  • If someone you know is a sex offender
  • If there are criminals in your neighborhood
  • Your neighbors’ secrets (hidden profiles, debt, weapon permit)
  • If people close to your children have criminal records
  • If you and your family are safe


"You ever wondered if your son’s soccer coach can be trusted? I did. And thanks to SeekVerify I found out that the answer was NO."

- Tony A, SeekVerify User

"Thanks to SeekVerify I found out I was dating a felon. I could not believe who I brought into my family. It broke my heart but I’m glad I found out"

- Erin O, SeekVerify User