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The easiest way to trace any phone number and identify unknown or unpleasant callers


Have you or your spouse been getting a bunch of unknown calls lately? Has your partner received a lot of text messages from strangers? Is someone trying to scam you over the phone, or worse, are you being stalked? With SeekVerify's reverse phone lookup, you can search any cell phone or landline phone number to identify its owner. Find out where the caller is located geographically, and reveal details about that person such as their age, addresses, social media profiles, and additional contact information.

Most of us are fed up with receiving annoying phone calls from the same company trying to sell us something. Perhaps your number ended up on some fishy call center's list, and that's why you are getting harassed at all hours of the day. Simply search for that troublesome number and use our massive database to help you and your family steer clear of their calls.

Have names and business addresses revealed at the click of a button and get instant Results.

Unsurprisingly telephones are a primary source of financial exploitation and fraud. Americans got scammed out of $9 billion through phone fraud last year alone. By providing a reverse phone lookup service, SeekVerify assists you in identifying callers. Add another layer of security to your life and shield yourself from financially detrimental and emotionally distressing intrusions. Fraudulent phone calls from scheming telemarketers or individual confidence tricksters have only one goal, and that is to get financial information and money from you. Charity shakedowns happen when callers portray themselves as genuine representatives of "legitimate" charities seeking contributions to the good cause. More often than not these individuals are either unaffiliated with the charity or the organization in question is just a front.


False banking alerts tend to be very unsettling. You may receive a notification stating that something has gone wrong on your Credit Card account, or a caller might suggest that your bank account is showing fraudulent activity. You will be asked for identifying financial data to fix the nonexistent problem. Sometimes you'll even get a scam call telling you that a huge sum of money has been deposited in your name... Guess who's richer at the end of that conversation.

Then there's the matter of unpleasant personal phone calls. Maybe an ex-husband or ex-girlfriend keeps bothering you from different caller IDs. Things become outright scary when a stranger keeps calling you from multiple numbers, stalking you throughout your daily life. Using SeekVerify’s Reverse Phone Lookup to identify the caller helps you distinguish between friendly and unpleasant contacts. Being able to record stalking patterns will ease your burden of proof once police involvement or legal counsel become necessary. We use publicly available information, social media and user-contributed address books to provide names and photos for unknown phone numbers and email addresses. That's information you'd never find using a phone book or online white- or yellow pages.


If you're in a committed relationship or a concerned parent you should definitely worry if your spouse hides to receive calls. While "working a lot of overtime" is one of the most common signs of having a cheating spouse you should never ignore bathroom phone calls, late night texting sessions or mysterious caller IDs when the smartphone wakes up. When a spouse has an affair with someone at work, the amount of time spent away from home can be limited. The spouse will say that he or she either has a late meeting or - once back home with the family - will make fictitious calls to the office to cover up adulterous chats or sexting. Establishing who your spouse is cheating with becomes relatively easy once you get your hands on that elusive phone number.

Cheaters are prone to take extended showers, which might just be the time to memorize that suspicious number and type it into SeekVerify's state-of-the-art reverse lookup engine.

Debt collection agencies are the bane of consumers and debtors all around the world. While the law defines legal boundaries for debt collection, many organizations won't shy away from using dubious methods to put pressure on the liable party. By using SeekVerify’s Reverse Phone Lookup, you can quickly identify office addresses which will enable you to request written correspondence instead of repeating calls. Run a reverse phone lookup with SeekVerify now by clicking here.

SeekVerify is accurate and super easy to use. Enter the phone number you are trying to look up using our simple search. We will then utilize our proprietary search algorithm to find the actual owner of the phone instantly. Even better, we will give you the full names. Try it today and find out why more and more Americans are using SeekVerify to reverse lookup phone numbers.

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Find out who is behind a phone number: Search any number and get the truth

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  • James Etheridge

    super effective...I like how you get so much detail about someone just by searching for a phone number..insane!

  • Mike Vaughn

    i use it to check all my new girlfriends lol

    • Luana Tejero

      I bet u do, creep

  • Cecilia Ogden Smith

    don't know how these guys can find so much stashed info. bet they are working hand in hand with the govt.

  • Lebron Ridgewood

    yea this was on TV recently

  • Martha Brett

    is the search really that accurate??

  • Jennifer Portello

    not really news, I have been using SeekVerify for a year now

  • David Fernandez

    very good article

  • Christina Wang

    phone call spam is so bad for me I have to use SeekVerify to see who is really caling me..I don't wanna answer only to get on a spammer to-do list

  • Andrea Gonzalez

    top-tip: look for your friends phone number, you might have a BIG NASTY surprise, like I did... but I'd rather know than be oblivious

  • Elizabeth Warden

    very useful article, thanks!

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