Hiding in Plain Sight: Missing Public Records as a Red Flag

"Since I've started using SeekVerify I have acquaintances and colleagues contacting me to look up people that have proven to be elusive in Google search results."


SeekVerify is an outstanding background check service. Nevertheless, you will come across the occasional individual that seems entirely untraceable. Some of the reasons why this might happen can be attributed to innocuous circumstances, such as the citizen in question not establishing a public record or undigitized documents. In other cases, the lack of documentation should be considered a red flag that, perhaps, the person is hiding in plain sight.

Hiding in plain sight.

How old is the individual for which you're looking? If you're researching a minor or a young person who is still financially dependent upon their legal guardian, then it is likely that his or her information has not yet been added to the public record. Public records are commonly going to be in the name of a homeowner or legal custodian responsible for paying the bills.

Even adults can inadvertently or deliberately avoid having their information become public if they share an apartment where the utility bills are being charged to a third party. When dealing with youngsters missing record should not necessarily be cause for alarm; When it comes to older people, however, a total lack of a public presence should raise eyebrows. While not unthinkable, it is relatively uncommon for a private citizen to avoid entirely having some personal information in the public record.

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"Since I've started using SeekVerify I have acquaintances and colleagues contacting me to look up people that have proven to be elusive in Google search results. They jokingly call me Cyber Sherlock. Where my friends usually hit a brick wall of misinformation, I just go on digging."

Even SeekVerify will be unable to locate an individual that clearly does not exist. He or she might be using an alias. Sometimes the reason for a person vanishing online can be rather harmless. Said person could have shaved few years off their birthdate for cosmetic reasons or you may have stumbled across a nickname. In both cases, no search will yield any usable results. This is the situation where widened search parameters come in handy in your research. Using SeekVerify's People Search function will help you weed out false results and help you close in on the individual that has seemingly disappeared.

More often than not a person’s identity is, in fact, accurate, and there might even be some public information available, but it still does not show up in a Background Check. The reason for those kinds of informational gaps is that a SeekVerify Background Check or Criminal Background Check can only work with data that has been digitized for online retrieval. Printed paper documents are not going to appear as results when doing Internet research.

Be on the safe side, try before you buy. Just do a quick search for your own name or a person you know by clicking here.

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