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This simple trick will give you a full background report on anyone


"Since I've started using SeekVerify family members and colleagues keep asking me to look up people they can't find in Google search results. They jokingly call me Cyber Sherlock now. Where the average person usually hits a brick wall of disinformation or even no information, I just go on digging. I should probably start charging them for my services as an amateur Private Investigator. - But seriously, anyone can do what I'm doing. All it takes is a phone number or a name and the ability to click on a search button."

With SeeVerify, you can comb through aggregated databases of publicly available information, including government records, social media records, and much more. Even though the data is often publicly available, SeekVerify’s People Search will reveal information that you just can’t find on Google. Our search results will return vital information about a person including their age, current and prior addresses, family members, phone numbers or email addresses. Moreover, you'll be able to sift through social media profiles, criminal records, court records, bankruptcy records, online photos and much more. To get started, all you need to do is type a first and last name in the search bar, and then confirm that we’ve actually found the person for whom you were looking. After that, we’ll uncover an individual's data within minutes.

SeekVerify is an outstanding phone number ID and background check service. Nevertheless, you will come across the occasional individual that seems entirely untraceable. Some of the reasons why this might happen can be attributed to innocuous circumstances, such as the citizen in question not establishing a public record or undigitized documents. How old is the individual for which you're looking? If you're researching a minor or a young person who is still financially dependent upon their legal guardian, then it is likely that his or her information has not yet been added to the public record. Public records are commonly going to be in the name of a homeowner or legal custodian responsible for paying the bills. When it comes to adults, a total lack of a public presence should raise eyebrows. While not unthinkable, it is relatively uncommon for a private citizen to avoid entirely having some personal information in the public record.


There's a long list of ways SeekVerify can make your on- and offline life easier. Here are few typical examples:

  • Met your new heartthrob online, but all you have is a fake profile name and a phone number? Do a reverse phone lookup.

  • Who's carpooling your kids? Find out the easy way.

  • Why waste a day at the courthouse? Find public records much faster.

  • Want to reconnect with people from high school? Re-kindle friendships.

  • Does your address book need updating? Clean up your virtual Rolodex.

  • Trying to hook up your friend with that charming stranger you met at a wedding? Become a reliable matchmaker.

  • Researching your family tree? Discover distant relatives and other long lost family members.

  • Curious to find out what is in your own public record? Better safe than sorry.

  • Put a face to that unknown number that keeps calling? Run a reverse phone search.

  • Sending out wedding invitations or greeting cards? This will make life easier for you.

  • Researching a non-fiction publication and you need that big scoop? Double-check your research.

  • Are school reunions terrifying you? Better come prepared.

  • Who exactly are those people who just moved in next door? Know thy neighbors!

  • Got scammed on Craigslist? A quick search might help you avoid getting fleeced again.

Sometimes the reason for a person vanishing online can be rather harmless. Said person could have shaved few years off their birthdate for cosmetic reasons, or you may have stumbled across a nickname. In both cases, no basic Google search will yield usable results. This is exactly the situation where widened search parameters come in handy in your research. Using SeekVerify's People Search function will help you weed out false results and help you close in on the individual that has seemingly disappeared.


SeekVerify is available for desktop computers as well as iOS and Android devices. Do your research at home or on the road. Until very recently all this data was only available to a privileged few. SeekVerify's goal is to cater to the informational needs of ordinary people. We've partnered with large public record providers and strive to improve the quantity and quality of our data continuously. Best thing: We do not collect, share or sell any information you give to us with third-party marketers thereby preserving your anonymity. Be on the safe side, try before you buy. Just do a quick search for your own name or a person you know by clicking here.

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Get a full report on anyone with a simple name search

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  • Marissa Conley

    I use SeekVerify to check my husband's female friends... just to be on the safe side

    • Virginia Thomson

      heh, I do the same

  • Kelly Rodham Bates

    just dont forget what you've seen cannot be unseen people... be sure you want to know the truth before you search!!

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    great article, useful tips thanks Hellen

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    would be funny to search my friends

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    this type of search tool is amazing, I heard it shows criminal records, secret social media profiles, the works...

  • Michael Parsons

    yea, I use a person search website, helps me avoid classified scammers, I sell and buy a lot

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    can't really trust anyone out there

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    works as advertised, folks

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