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Is your significant other cheating? There's one simple way to uncover the truth


You've had that sinking feeling in your gut for quite a while now. You've been suspicious of your spouse's behavior for weeks, maybe months. Something feels wrong. Something is slightly off-kilter between you and your partner, and you’re starting to wonder whether they might be... - But no. Affairs are the stuff of TV movies and soap operas. Other people have affairs, not your husband or wife, not your boyfriend or girlfriend; YOUR relationship is special. But come to think about it, there was that awkward moment last week, and when you tried to talk about it, your partner started squirming and suddenly accused you of being jealous. “And please stop touching my phone,” he said, "It's an invasion of privacy." Really? An invasion of privacy. You were just putting the phone next to the car keys, not going through e-mails or chats. Are you actually being paranoid or is that gut feeling trying to tell you something you should have realized a long time ago?

More often than not you won't find the classic clues such as lipstick on your husband’s shirt collar or strange items of clothing in the car. There is, however, a long list of behavioral indicators you might want to look out for. When worse comes to worst a tool like will help you find proof. Cold hard evidence. But before you go blaming an innocent spouse you better go through our long checklist of suspicious clues and behaviors.

The first telltale sign of a cheating spouse is when you start considering the possibility of an affair in the first place. Your instincts are the first line of defense. Does your partner raise hypothetical questions such as, “Can people love more than one person at a time?”. Is he surprisingly helpful with the laundry but it feels like he's trying to find or hide something? Did your boyfriend show a sudden interest in electronic dance music, something he genuinely disliked before? Does your partner seem forgetful, distracted or disengaged? Was there a noticeable change in attitude towards you and the children?


Keep an eye out for "misplaced" wedding rings and sudden changes in their established work routine. Working overtime and business meetings that happen late in the evening are also common indicators of a relationship going off the rails. Does your wife or husband sneak out of the house to get milk or cigarettes? Is your spouse completely ignoring you and not listening to what you are saying, or the exact opposite: are they treating you remarkably nicely for no particular reason? Has your partner become annoyingly flirty when you go out together?

If you're on the pill and you find condoms in the car, it's time to get worried. Same goes for a partner arriving home and heading straight into the shower even though he/she works an office job. One of the most humiliating moments before discovering an affair happens when mutual friends start acting strangely toward you because they either know about the infidelity or have been told stories about what a horrible spouse you are. Even co-workers may become uncomfortable in your presence, either because they know about the affair or have heard or seen things they wished you were aware of. On top of that, cheating partners are often irritable and easy to anger.


In order to prove your suspicions in the digital age, you'll have to become somewhat of a Cyber Sleuth. Is your spouse obsessed with e-mail? Did they set up a new ? Are they deleting emails as soon as they're read, and then emptying the trash just to be on the safe side? Maybe you accidentally found a new 3rd smartphone you didn't know about. Does hubby go to great lengths to make sure you don't answer his incoming calls? Does your wife stay up to “work” or “play games” on the computer after you go to bed? Does she shut down the computer when you walk into the room and tell you that you startled her? Once your spouse's browser history lists sites like “AdultFriendFinder” or “Ashley Madison” it's a good idea to dig deeper. Even a deleted browser history (after a late-night session) will tell you that someone is hiding their misbehavior in plain sight.

Uncovering all those painful clues as well as the subtle and not so subtle indicators listed above is an emotionally draining and painful process. Getting the facts and the evidence you can act upon, on the other hand, does not have to be as unpleasant. SeekVerify can be your companion in need when all your friends and family are either ignorant or complicit. You of all people should not be the last to know. Take matters into your own hands, and use tools like reverse phone lookup, address finder, or people search to uncover all the secrets and lies. Make use of SeekVerify's and comb through social media accounts. Time is of the essence, even if you only need to prove yourself wrong. It might just be paranoia and jealousy after all.

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  • Gina Smith

    works, just in put their email and it will find all their secret hidden social profiles

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    just proves you can't trust any guy out there :P

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    smart advice, easy to catch cheaters like this!

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    I know SeekVerify I use them to check all my new bf's

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    I like the condom part, SO TRUE

  • Maria Gonzalez

    very good article

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    yea some good advice here, I always use email search to check people I meet. It's crazy what you can find!

  • Trina Jules

    that's exactly how I caught my ex: staying late to "work", he said, while he was texting his other gf non stop

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