SeekVerify Background Checks Beat Google Searches Any Day

If the information you're after is only available for a fee, then it's most likely not available on Google or any other popular Search Engine.


Here's the rule of thumb: If the information you're after is only available for a fee, then it's most likely not available on Google or any other popular Search Engine.

Public Records
Not everything is on Google.

Google's amazing search algorithms make hunting for data and personal information fast and easy. Unfortunately, this creates the illusion that we can find anything on Google which, of course, is entirely untrue. Many web users are under the false impression that you can do background checks solely by googling someone. They are wrong. A Google search comes nowhere close to the results you reveal when running an in-depth background check with a tool like SeekVerify.

Advantage #1:
Google cannot crawl or index all publicly available data. Google only retrieves information from openly accessible online sources. Information that is exclusively available for a fee, by providing ID or with a secure password, will usually not be indexed by Google. While SeekVerify does not have 100% access to all public documentation either, it will enable you to obtain password protected or pay-wall protected records that standard search engines must bypass.

Deep Background Search
SeekVerify has special access privileges you can put to good use.

Advantage #2:
Google cannot exclude irrelevant information. Pertinent data gets easily obscured by irrelevant information. Researching someone using identifying data often returns search results for people with similar names, individuals sharing the same birthday and other coincidental biographical overlaps. Sure, you always get results, sometimes the right results. But is that information even remotely related to the person which you're trying to find or did you unwittingly stumble across a virtual Doppelganger? SeekVerify can tell the difference.

Advantage #3:
SeekVerify conveniently creates consolidated reports. SeekVerify unifies data about a single person into a consolidated, easy to read report by eliminating redundancies and overlap produced by search subjects who share the same name or birthday. By weeding out the irrelevant and superfluous SeekVerify avoids the most obvious and tedious source of confusion.

Advantage #4:
SeekVerify's database access privileges help cut research cost. For just one reasonable SeekVerify charge, you get access to numerous data sources that might otherwise require multiple payments. From civil court documents to government records, such as marriage licenses, divorce records, and child support documents, you're covered on all fronts. Particularly criminal records will not be accessible by a generic Google search. While big search engines may provide rudimentary information at best, SeekVerify produces in-depth data essential for reliable and actionable background searches.

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