Tips on Avoiding the Most Common Internet Scams

How NOT to be a victim of scammers!


Hundreds of thousands fall prey to concert ticket scams every year. There's no reason you should fall for the same trick and lose $150 on a made-up gig. Several common pitfalls must be avoided when dealing with Internet transactions. The first step towards online safety is to educate oneself about the most prevalent scams perpetrated on the web.

Prepare Against
Stay informed. Stay safe.

Online classifieds scams usually target people like yourself who are offering goods and services on Craigslist and similar platforms. Typical rackets involve automobile buying/selling scams, rental rip-offs, ticket scams and deceptive job offers. How would you know that the self-proclaimed "landlord" who posted those amazing snapshots is, in fact, the owner of the property and not just scheming to collect deposits and pre-paid rent for a place that doesn't even exist? At least not in the city you assumed it was located. The same goes for illicit dealings when you're just hunting for an inexpensive new or used car. It doesn't even matter if you're the one selling or buying the automobile, scammers use tricks to pull money out of gullible people's pockets either way. They always used to be one step ahead of you, until now. By using SeekVerify, you will no longer fall for sellers who have no title to the car or crooks who defraud you, the seller, by passing bad checks and worthless money orders.

Ticket gougers will try to sell you vouchers and admission passes for shows that have either been canceled or are simply counterfeit duplicates. Job scammers will often promise lucrative employment but ask you for fake application and training fees in advance.

Two critical steps to evading online classifieds scams are to insist on personal contact and cash transactions. Unfortunately, both those things can still get you into trouble. SeekVerify will provide you with the necessary information to avoid getting scammed by verifying identities, matching telephone contacts and addresses to prove a seller's ownership of goods or properties. It may also be helpful to check a seller's or buyer's criminal records to make face-to-face transactions and the exchange of services safe and secure.

Avoid Fraud
SeekVerify helps you easily dodge fraudsters.

On auction platforms such as eBay impostors and swindlers will commonly target purchasers by abusing the PayPal system to defraud the unsuspecting consumer. Since a high star-rating will usually give patrons a false sense of security, those user rating systems are often used as tools to reel in gullible buyers. We all know buyer's remorse, right? Ideally, that feeling should come from overindulgence when we've treated ourselves to something nice and expensive, not from actual remorse about having lost money on a bad deal. Highly rated users with long histories may make you more confident but remember that it's just a bunch of yellow stars which don't tell you anything about who you're doing business with.

Since there are no cash or face-to-face transactions on auction sites like eBay, SeekVerify will help you navigate your way around illicit dealings, by verifying integrity and identity, and by background checking phone numbers and business addresses. SeekVerify is a monthly subscription service. Try background checking yourself or a friend today. See what information you can dig up by clicking here.

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