Billions Lost in Scam Phonecalls. Protect Yourself Today.

Ever get the feeling that the "Do Not Call Registry" is a scam in itself?


Unsurprisingly telephones are a primary source of financial exploitation and fraud. Americans got scammed out of $8.7 billion by phone fraud last year alone. By providing a reverse phone lookup service, SeekVerify assists you in identifying callers. Add another layer of security to your life and shield yourself from financially detrimental and emotionally distressing intrusions.

Avoid Telemarketers
Do not let your life be ruined by intrusive phone calls.

Problem #1 - Sales Calls:
Fraudulent phone calls from scheming telemarketers or individual confidence tricksters have only one goal, and that is to get financial information and money from you. Charity shakedowns happen when callers portray themselves as genuine representatives of "legitimate" charities seeking contributions to the good cause. More often than not these individuals are either unaffiliated with the charity or the charity in question is just a front. Legal scams which threaten civil or criminal legal action will bully and coerce you into taking certain unpleasant and costly actions. Lottery rackets will bait you with prizes in exchange for personal and financial information. There aren't any winners in "Work from Home" scams either. You'll just get tricked into paying for training or job opportunity contacts without ever achieving gainful employment. False banking alerts tend to be very unsettling. You may receive a notification stating that something has gone wrong on your Credit Card account, or a caller might suggest that your bank account is showing fraudulent activity. You will be asked for identifying financial data to fix the nonexistent problem. Sometimes you'll even get a scam call telling you that a huge sum of money has been deposited in your name... Guess who's richer at the end of that conversation.

Reverse Phone Lookup
Hi-tech tools to identify those pesky callers.

Problem #2 - Stalkers & Telemarketers:
Ever get the feeling that the "Do Not Call Registry" is a scam in itself? Everybody hates sales calls, right? But how to best avoid them? What may be the most annoying thing about cold-calling sales reps is that most of us try to be polite, rather than dismissive, and telemarketers are trained to deal with both friendly and aggressive clients. Identifying a marketing call on the first ring would be a tremendous help. You could choose not to answer the call, and you'd be able to contact the offending company demanding to be put on their internal Do Not Call list. Even blocking the number is an option. Then there's the matter of unpleasant personal phone calls. Maybe an ex-husband or ex-girlfriend keeps harassing you from different caller IDs. Things become outright scary when a stranger keeps calling you from multiple numbers, stalking you throughout your daily life. Using SeekVerify’s Reverse Phone Lookup to identify the caller helps you distinguish between friendly and unpleasant contacts. Being able to record stalking patterns will ease your burden of proof once police involvement or legal counsel become necessary.

Problem #3 - Debt Collectors:
Debt collection agencies, the bane of consumers and debtors all around the world. While legal boundaries for debt collection are clearly defined by law, many agencies won't shy away from using dubious methods to put pressure on the liable party. By using SeekVerify’s Reverse Phone Lookup, you can easily identify office addresses which will enable you to request written correspondence instead of repeating calls. Run a reverse phone lookup with SeekVerify now.

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